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About Us

Science is Cool Camp

Science is Cool Camp was created in 2014 by camp director Megan Krems. SCC's vision is to explore science in a new and exciting way. The camp is a 5 day camp filled with 21 hands-on science experiments. Every single attendee gets to perform each experiment with their lab partner. Together we explore concepts including density, surface tension, acids, bases, and many more!

We learn about the International Space Station and all of the experiments happening on board. There are four levels of the camp : Science is Cool, Science is Cooler, Science is Real, and Science Matters. The camp is intended for kids ages 7-12. The camp times and dates vary from year to year. We meet two hours a day for five straight days. 

From Our Director: My mission is to create a spark inside of their minds! I want them to see how awesome science is! Science is a subject that can sometimes be seen as hard or impossible, but I want to change this perception by presenting science in a new and exciting way. It is my mission to create minds that are not afraid to ask the big "why" when presented with something they do not understand. I want to instill a passion for understanding and exploring!  

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