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Science is Cool Camp is divided into four camp levels. The goal of each camp is to immerse the campers in a world of science and engineering. The camps are designed to build upon one another. We explore the worlds of chemistry, biology, astronomy, and physics. Below you will find descriptions of the four levels of the camp.

Camp Levels

Science is Cool Camp LLC offers an amazing range of camp activities for all our campers. From exploratory free time to planned programming, our staff is always there to ensure a fun and safe experience for all. No matter whether campers want to join our traditional or specialty camp programs, we are open to suggestions and special requests. Get in touch to learn more about all our offerings.


Level 1: Science is Cool!

The level is designed to bring wonder to our students minds. The team will be teaching and giving the students hands-on experience as they explore basic lab techniques by conducting their own science experiments. They will also be learning the significance of important science terms such as: density, mass, endothermic and exothermic reactions. Chemistry book and all materials are provided.


Level 2: Science is Cooler!

This camp is for those students who have previously attended the Science is Cool camp or is an older student.  This camp will build upon the foundations laid in the first camp and will take learning science to the next level. The students will experience all areas of science including Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Engineering. We will engage in multiple science experiments and learn more about the growing world around us.


Level 3: Science is Real!

This camp is geared toward those students who have attended both the Science is Cool and the Science is Cooler camps or is an older student. The camp will open the students’ eyes to how science is constantly changing and affecting our world. This camp will follow a similar style to the previous camps with more complex experiments where we will work together to solve some of our most pressing questions about the world of science.


Level 4 Science Matters!

Science Matters is a brand new camp this year! This camp is designed to build upon all of the foundations laid in camps 1-3. The goal is to explore science in the world around us and how it affects our everyday life. We are going to learn about the most recent science discoveries. This camp is designed to show the students what scientists do in their respective fields. Not only is science real, but now we will see why science truly matters!

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