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Covid19 Guidelines

#1 Goal is to keep everyone safe!

  1. Please do not attend the Science Is Cool camp if you have a fever, cough or any signs of sickness. Also do not attend if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days. 

  2. The Science is Cool staff will take their own temperatures every morning prior to the start of camp. Masks are optional. 

  3. The staff  will also be taking temperatures of the students upon arrival with a no contact infrared thermometer. Anyone with a temperature 99.8 or higher will not be allowed to attend. 

  4. Everyone will be asked to wash their hands upon entering the lab area. 

  5. We will not be able to have the observation table this year due to the continuous touching of items however we will have a time during the camp to show the students these items so they can continue to learn about them. 

  6. Students will be working with a lab partner however we are setting up the experiments so they will not be touching the same items and many times will be doing the experiment by themselves to avoid contact. 

  7. We have 5 hand sanitizer stations located throughout our work stations. We will be asking the students to use the hand sanitizer after each experiment. 

  8. If the students need water, we will be using small water bottles to avoid the use of cups etc… Each student is welcomed to bring their own. 

  9. We will be reinforcing to the students not to touch, hug each other and keep distance as much as possible. 

  10. Science Camp staff will be wiping and disinfecting items continuously throughout the camps. 

  11. When picking up students, if weather is permitting, please hang around outside the door. This will avoid a lot of people in the waiting area.  Megan will come to the door each day at the end of camp to talk with parents. After that we will dismiss the kids to you. Parents will have to come to the door to pick up. We will not allow a child to go to his car by himself. 

  12. There will be a science camp show on Friday of each week. We ask that only 2 people per family attend the show this year. We are going to set it up on Zoom so grandparents and other family members can watch the show from home. 

  13. All camp areas will be cleaned thoroughly 3X a day. (tables, bathrooms, door handles etc…)

PDF Covid 19 Guidelines

Covid 19 Guidelines

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